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Walker Turner Bandsaw

This walker Turner band saw is from the 1930 s and is an 12-sharpside saw, it extends a driver, a line tool, and a wood saw. It is metal, wood, and both have a works progress administration (wpa) loaner of the new, improved, and republic of america ) flag-draped band saw, this was probably made during the 1930-1939 era and is in excellent condition with no flaws. It is $2, 000.

Walker Turner Band Saw

This walker Turner band saw is a sensational addition to your work area, it extends a heavy-duty metal band saw blade and a durable stand. This tool can easily take off and manage small tasks, like cutting, chipping and shaping metals, this walker Turner 14 Bandsaw from 1930 s is a vintage tool with 20 blades. It is still in good condition with some use, the saw can be used for wood production or metal production. It is in like manner a good outdoor saw, this walker Turner table saw parts manual is for the 12 band saw. It includes instruction booklets for each band saw model, the manual discusses how the table saw works, how to adopt it and what are the benefits of using it. The manual also discusses how to fix errors and glitches in the table saw, this walker Turner is a top-notch substitute for a shopper wanting for a small and affordable band saw. It comes with an 30-1/2" reach band saw blade and an 8-1/2" reach cord, the band saw can be used for sf, r2 d2, and other large wood projects.