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Walker's Razor Patriot Series Electronic Ear Muffs

The c6 walkers gwp-rsempat Ear Razor Patriot Series adult shooting Electronic Ear Muffs are valuable for keeping your ears safe and sound, with an advanced sound and quality, these Ear Muffs are sure to keep you focused and calm when you need to focus on business or pleasure.

Walkers Razor Patriot

The walkers Razor Patriot Series slim is a new Electronic hearing protection that is designed to keep you heard when live performance is your heavy, this walkers Razor patriots Series is equipped with a high-quality Muffs that will keep your ears warm and your hearing strong. These earmuffs are made with soft, cozy 100% cotton fabric, they are best-in-class for spending a peaceful night out with friends or during the day. The earmuffs are also unisex so you can mix and match for all sorts of fun, this product is a tool for how to keep your ears safe from noise and noise making friends with you. The earmuffs are made of 100% wool and have a comfortable fit, they will help keep your ears comfortable and safe from noise and heat. The Patriot Series slim Electronic Muffs is an exceptional solution for walkers who ache to protect their ears from the cold, these Muffs are made with tough, lightweight mesh fabric and earn a "slim" rating from the ewg. The mesh material provides good noise protection and features a soft, aware fabric, they can be in any walker with a proper memorization.