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Walker Mower Discharge Chute

The walker Mower Discharge Chute is a top-grade surrogate for enthusiasts who desiderate a grasstormer-specific discharge, it provides a black powder finish and an 3642 ghs 2 tread mat. The Chute is stocked with a chain and a key, it is basic to find at any walker Mower store.

Walker Mower Discharge Chute Ebay

The walker Mower Discharge Chute is a fantastic substitute to reduce blast and debris when you're not using the mower, this Chute is produced of durable materials and provides a cleanliness and safety when used. The walker Mower Discharge Chute is an oem part for the walker mower, it is located behind the power arm and allows the Chute to escape when the Mower is stopped. This part is should be replaced every 000 miles, the walker Mower extension spring 1 x6 is a valuable alternative to improve your Discharge chute! This spring features a wide range of adjustability to give you an outstanding Chute action. The walker Mower Discharge Chute is a top surrogate to avoid of space on your not obliged to keep track of how much fuel you've used.