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Walker Exhaust Band Clamps

Walker Exhaust Band Clamps are best-in-class solution for attaching an Exhaust note: the clamp is not needed if the Exhaust hose is longer than 3, 6" these clamping screws are excellent solution for attaching an Exhaust hose to a bike. They are made with 2, 5" stainless steel joe Clamps and are clamped with a strength. They comes with an adaptor which allows use lighters or other lit cigarettes.

Walker Exhaust Band Clamps Ebay

The walker Exhaust Band is an exceptional surrogate to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently, this Band renders joint Clamps that make it basic to attach the exhaust. The stainless steel makes this Band a durable, this is a splendid set of Clamps that can be used to hold a walker Exhaust hanger to a bandana or cap. The Clamps are effortless to handle and are to keep things organized, the walker Exhaust Band Clamps are terrific for keeping your Exhaust pipe clean and free of pollutants. This kit includes 36528 Clamps and an 1-year warranty, this walker Exhaust Band imparts Clamps that allow the Band to be tightened to the engine. The Band is fabricated of sturdy plastic and is a top size for tight spaces.