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Uneeda Wispy Walker Doll

If you're looking for an stylish and realistic wispy walker doll, then you've come to the right place. This character is perfect for any ecommerce page or website. With a stylish black hair and pretty green eyes, she's perfect for any effect/campaign you need to create!

NIB Wispy Walker Doll 27

Wispy Walker

There's a lot to learn about walkers and they've got a lot to offer society as a whole. They're a part of many different cultures and some are more efficient than others. But be warned, the walker is a prisical creature! They are efficient and keep the community and everyone in their place, but are not always without fun.

Wispy Walkers

The wispy walkers are a type of creature in the video game bioware's game of thrones. They are small, spindly-legged creatures with brown hair and brown eyes. They are present in the game in versions 2. 0 and 1. this 1976 uneeda 32 wispy walker doll playpal type is a beautiful walker doll that is made of soft and smooth fabric. It has a small hole in the front of the walker doll for an endearing say-o. The back of the walker doll has small details that make it look like it is about to die. It is perfect for a little bit of fun and to remember what it all was like during the happy days of high school. this is a brand new uneeda wispy walker doll! She's blond with a cute head of hair. She's very cute with green eyes and a walker doll look. This doll is new in the box and has a perfect size of 3" tall. She's includes: dress, shoes, and a bag. This doll is sure to please any fans of blond hair dolls! this uneeda walk with me doll has wispy hair and large eyes. She is perfect for any doll- family, playtime, and gift giving.