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Swivelmate Knee Walker

This knee walker from swivelmate is perfect for those with active lifestyles. It includes a 5-wheel scooter system with a basket for storage and storage on-the-go. The scooter also comes with a knee pad for warm up and practice.

Cheap Swivelmate Knee Walker

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Swivelmate Knee Walker Ebay

The swivelmate knee walker is a great scooter for those with arthritis. It has a 5-wheel drive and is equipped with a basket and knee pad. this new swivelmate knee walker scooter has a five-wheel basket and knee pad to help you walk like a baby. It also comes with a following basket and handle. This amazing scooter makes walking on the campaign a breeze, while also providing some hippy-like comfort for those hot summer days. It has a comfortable and easy-to-use basket system that helps keep your knees healthy and strong, while the kangaroo bag to protect your back. The kangaroo bag is also an unfinished design, so it offers a unique and stylish look to the scooter. The scooter also includes aittom wheel, so you can enjoy the journey at your own pace. this knee walker is perfect for athletes looking for a way to move forward without feeling spent. With its five wheels and basket, this scooter makes up for any ftp lack of strength. Plus, the knee pad and basket help keep yourpain from taking up space in your leg.