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Star Wars Walker

This is a first-class selection of micro machines for your Star Wars fans who appreciate to race around the house or hit the playfield, the vehicles are in excellent condition and come with expansion cards and figures. The collection also includes a walker from the movie the force awakens.

Star Wars At At Walker

This war room is your opportunity to be a part of one of the most exciting and exciting topics in Star Wars history, this is a walker that is based on the at-bat at the battle of yoda's day and is a top-rated addition to evey Star Wars armies. Our Star Wars at walker renders everything you need to help your Star Wars armies grow, at this moment, the walker is at peace. He gives faced danger and renders learned his lesson, he is a walker, not a toy. This kenner Star Wars at-at walker is a living, breathing entity that is a peerless foil to the shattered yet still tangible body of the empire strikes back, vintage kenner Star Wars at-st scout walker comes with a qui gon model at the base, complete with original scene empire strikes back. This walker also comes with Star Wars at-at walker toy, which can be easily transformed into any other at-at walker model available, this vintage Star Wars at-at walker is an amazing piece of history! It is complete with its impressive crashes and buzzes, and is an excellent addition to all Star Wars collector's collection. This is a best-in-class kenner vintage 1982 at-st scout chicken walker! It is back to the character of the character from Star wars, with the addition of a scout chicken as a sidekick, this walker is about 5. 5" tall by 2, 5" wide. It is well-made and presents a nice design, it features a flag-like design on the top front panel and a star-shaped light up on the back. The walker is in very good condition with no defects.