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Colt Walker Holster

This colt walker holster is made with hand-made leather and is perfect for your weapon. It is easy to use and holds your weapon securely.

Colt Walker Holster Walmart

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Top 10 Colt Walker Holster

This colt walker holster is for your elbow with a 9 length barrel. It comes with a leather belt hanger and a leather holster. The belt hanger can be attached from a standard belt or from a front or back pocket. The leather holster is made of 78% leather and 20% cotton and is comfortable to wear. this is a hand-made leather holster for the 1847 colt walker that is right hand. It is designed to keep your gun safe and secure. The holster is also left hand only so that you can easily carry your gun in the left hand. This is a great choice for those who want to protect their money and gun. this colt walker holster comes with 3 slots for your gun to be stored in. The holster also has a leather cover that has 3 ridges on it to help keep your gun from moving and thewant to walk around with. the coltwalker holster is the perfect way to keep your pistol safe and easy. This holster comes with a three-key security system that prevents easy access to the key from without. The holster also features a black powder holster and the perfect fit keeps your pistol safe and easy.